We’re Hiring: Limited Duration Contract: Field Organizer

April 4, 2014

We’re Hiring: Limited Duration Contract: Field Organizer
Please forward this position description to interested and qualified applicants!

About the Portland African American Leadership Forum (PAALF) :
Founded in 2009, PAALF is a network of African American leaders committed to advancing a common policy agenda in the areas of housing, economic development, health, education and civic engagement. PAALF is guided by a national network of African American Leadership Forums with local affiliates in 6 other major cities.
PAALF operates under a collective-impact model with the goal of solving issues experienced by the Portland Black community in a unified and collaborative way. In addition to policy advocacy, PAALF also has a culturally-specific leadership development program, the African American Leadership Academy, which provides a pipeline to support and harness emerging community leaders.
For the past year, PAALF has been developing a comprehensive report that will explore gentrification and the effects that displacement policies have had on a range of areas of African American life, including economic development, housing, education, health and civic engagement/political power. The report will lead up to the development and advancement of a multi-systemic campaign to address gentrification.
In October, we worked with the Honorable Avel Gordly and Faye Burch to host Mayor Hales, Patrick Quinton and other city leaders on a tour of North Portland to provide them a historical analysis of gentrification and a series of requests moving forward to address displacement. In February, we released African Americans in Multnomah County: An Unsettling Profile, a report written in conjunction with the Coalition of Communities of Color and Portland State University that examines inequities experienced by the Black community. This report was presented, alongside policy and programmatic recommendations, to the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners and Portland City Council.
Currently, we are working to actively engage the public, and most specifically, African Americans who have experienced displacement, to build the community’s power and voice around issues of inequity, with a focus on economic and wealth disparities. PAALF will be contracting a field organizer through June 2014 to execute an outreach project. Project
Scope of Work:
Because the African American community has experienced mass displacement, community based organizations have had an increasingly difficult time serving constituents, and identifying constituent needs. PAALF will conduct extensive outreach in Outer-East Portland in the hopes of creating community connectivity and re-building our network as African Americans:
  • In partnership with community based organizations, faith leaders, and the school district, PAALF will conduct outreach in E. Portland to re-build an African American network, enhance PAALF’s base of constituents and create power and voice among the most marginalized in our community
  • Develop and implement a community-based survey that will identify community perspectives and needs on issues of poverty, homelessness and displacement
  • Host 3 community forums to identify community issues and educate the community about policy and community-based solutions to economic disparities
  • Identify other geographic locations that serve as points of access for African Americans living in this area
Contractor Role and Responsibilities:
The contractor will develop and execute all aspects of the project, which should be concluded by June 30, 2014. Tasks include:
  • Develop and execute a field plan to engage the African American community in geographical areas to which the community has been displaced (ie/Vancouver, Outer-East Portland, Gresham, Beaverton, etc.)
  • Organize and manage volunteers to conduct door-to-door canvasses
  • Develop a community-based survey that will identify community perspectives and needs on issues of poverty, homelessness and displacement
  • Work with community based organizations and faith leaders to organize and execute 3 community educational forums on issues of poverty, homelessness and displacement
  • Identify and work with content area experts to develop educational materials on gentrification, homelessness and poverty
  • Work with houses of faith, community based organizations and the school district to conduct outreach to their African American constituents.
  • Develop a database of African American contacts and identify opportunities to engage them in PAALF
  • Provide regular reports to PAALF Director on project progress
  • Develop a final report that outlines survey and outreach findings, geographical points of contact for African Americans, and recommendations for policy and community action on this issue
The contractor will receive a $2,500 stipend to execute the project.
How to Apply: Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. Interested candidates should send a cover letter, resume and 2 references to Rachel Gilmer at or 503.249.1721 ext 230