African American Report

Existing data that informs decision making in Multnomah County inadequately captures the lived experiences of communities of color. Rarely do existing reports include dimensions of race and ethnicity. Much research has been undertaken without the involvement of those most affected by the decisions guided by the research. The impact is that communities of color are rarely visible at the level of policy.

“Communities of Color in Multnomah County: An Unsettling Profile” is the first of a series of reports developed in partnership between the Coalition of Communities of Color (CCC) with Portland State University (PSU).

The African American Report underscores specific realties that are unsettling to this community, especially in the areas housing, health, economic opportunity, child welfare, criminal justice and many more.   The report was written in partnership with CCC, PSU, the Urban League of Portland, and PCRi.

Much like the Blueprint for Action, the African American report also details to the public the disparities that face our community, but likewise details institutional and policy reforms to improve outcomes.