Focus Areas

Child Welfare

Through education and advocacy AALF aims to grow public awareness of the overrepresentation of our children in the child welfare system. Through collaboration we can build critical support to dramatically improve the system for all children and to undo the effects of institutional factors that allow racial disproportionality and disparity.

Economic Prosperity

Many organizations in Seattle are working to emphasizes wealth creation, job development, and community assets that insure benefits to all in a racially inclusive manner. AALF of Greater Seattle supports communication and collaboration among these organizations.


The AALF seeks to improve the quality of education for African American students in the greater Seattle area through education, advocacy, and direct action. LEARN 28, our Education Committee, engages students, parents, teachers and administrators in action oriented discussion around curriculum and instruction in our schools.

Health & Wellness

Health literacy can become an obstacle, along with poor representation of African Americans in health the health care workforce.

Law and Justice

Coming soon…!