Ways to be Involved

Put your personal or organizational expertise in one or more of the five AALF core areas (Child Welfare, Education, Economic Development, Health, and/or Law & Justice) to good use in the following ways.

You or Your Organization Can LEAD

  • Develop and maintain a content page on the AALF website including summarizing the key issues, challenges and strengths with respect to the focus area
  • Maintain a current list of ways people can get involved/volunteer
  • Inform the community of public policy issues and needed advocacy and
  • Identify local resources in the core area community members can utilize.

You or Your Organization Can Collaborate (with others who are leading efforts)

  • Partner with community members to get the word out about key issues in core AALF areas
  • Work with partners to seek funding for community initiatives, share resources and/or implement community-based projects and
  • Come together to advocate for systems reform and improvements in one of the five core areas of interest to you.

You or Your Organization Can Support

  • Post your large event on the AALF Events Calendar, which would include a web site link for more information
  • Attend events posted on the AALF Events Calendar and
  • Lend your voice, time and/or treasure to support core area work.