Are Your Interests Being Represented in Growing Our Transit Communities?

The national African American Leadership Forum (AALF) movement for positive social change includes growing and connecting African American leaders to represent our community interests in a variety of local, regional and national arenas.

Growing Transit Communities (GTC) is of significant interest to our King County African American community and to all who live and work in the Puget Sound region.  The AALF has partnered with GTC as a member of the Regional Equity Network to help ensure our community has access and opportunity to participate in local planning and decision making around the upcoming transit investments and outcomes. 

With 50+ station areas planned in three regional transit corridors, Seattle to Everett, Redmond and Tacoma, you can help make the most of new light rail service, bus rapid transit and other transit investments, to put jobs and opportunities closer to where we live.  The result will be communities that all people can afford to live in, where they can walk or take a train or a bus to work or school, and have good access to shopping and other activities.

Stay tuned on these pages (and/or sign up for the AALF E-newsletter!) for developing info on the GTC project and opportunities to engage and advocate.

Better still: get involved now to ensure our communities interests are reflected in rapid transit investments and design. The decisions made today will help strengthen our communities tomorrow and for decades to come.