African American Leadership Forum Partners
With the Win/Win Network Engage 2020/People of Color
Your Voice Has Power…  But Only If You Use It.

Imagine the positive change that could happen if people of color had a bigger voice at decision-making tables!  The African American Leadership Forum is collaborating with Washington State’s Win/Win Network to rally our communities of color.  By engaging, inspiring and activating our African American community to get involved in our civic and public policy process, we can make positive change.

The Win/Win Network has launched a ten-year project, Engage 2020/People of Color, that will ultimately increase fair representation of the people and shape the issue environment in our cities, counties and state.  AALF’s collaboration will help grow the number of historically underrepresented voters in order to challenge the status quo that is often dictated by the dominant voters.

Act now:  Get involved with AALF to support voter registration, voter education and voter engagement!  

We have a President to elect nationally and a number of issues and candidates to support (or not!) in 2012 that will impact our families and communities for years to come.

 Win/Win Network: